Viagra protects the heart after infarction

Impotence (erectile dysfunction) affects every fifth man after the age of 60. Previously, it is known that impotent men who are healthy in general are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, compared with men without these problems.

There are medicines for impotence, such as Viagra.

But because of this risk, the prescription of these drugs to men already suffering from myocardial infarction has been careful. Earlier, this prescription was considered to be contra-indicated, says doctor Martin Dunn at Impotence Hospital in San Francisco.

To find out more, Martin Dunn and his colleagues left all 61,275 men under 80 who suffered from a heart attack between 2007 and 2013. Just over seven percent of them took impotence drugs.

Patients were followed for an average of three years and it was found that the risk of dying and hospitalization due to heart failure was 33 and 40 percent lower, respectively, for patients taking impotence drugs compared to those who did not.

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